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20 MHz frequency Crystal Oscillator for Electronics DIY Projects


  • 20 Mhz frequency
  • Load capacitance: 20pF.
  • Frequency tolerance: +/-20 ppm

  • Best for micro-controller based projects done in school and colleges. Works best with any kind of micro-controllers.
  • Standard frequency crystals - use these crystals to provide a clock input to your microprocessor.
  • It provide clock pulses of 20 Mhz frequency. It can be used as UART clock.
  • It allows integer division to common baud rates (96×115200 baud or 96×96×1,200 baud).
  • It is a common clock for AVR microcontroller It uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.
  • Load capacitance: 20pF.
  • Frequency tolerance: +/-20 ppm.
  • Color: Silver

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